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Viagra Facts Uk

Viagra facts uk It’s a video that I’ve dreamt about for many years.
It’s a video showcasing the idea that you can turn crazy ideas into real products in LCC if you are creative enough.
It’s also a video that’s a tribute to Taiwanese puppet shows, viagra facts uk and of course, viagra facts uk Mister Rogers.

Viagra facts uk First half:

Viagra facts uk Second half:

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Viagra 25mg

Viagra 25mg The other day I had a random idea. Viagra 25mg What if there’s a farmer that grows thyme? Then he’d be saying things like “Before the harvest, viagra 25mg I have no thyme (time) for you, viagra 25mg but after the harvest, viagra 25mg I got all the thyme (time) in the world for you.” or “I would like to make a deal with you right now, viagra 25mg but I simply don’t have any thyme. Viagra 25mg In fact, viagra 25mg I just ran out of thyme.” How did this all started? It started when I randomly started singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” (after all, viagra 25mg it’s near Christmas), viagra 25mg but then realized that it can also be a farmer bragging “it’s the most wonderful thyme of the year.” So yeah, viagra 25mg I was going on and on with my sister with thyme/time jokes.

Viagra 25mg Guess what, viagra 25mg I just saw that same joke on TV today.

Viagra 25mg So I was watching Sesame Street today. Viagra 25mg Ernie, viagra 25mg who dressed up as a farmer, viagra 25mg was singing a song about how some plants grows tall, viagra 25mg and some grows low. Viagra 25mg And there were a bunch of vegetables and fruits singing with him too. Viagra 25mg At the end, viagra 25mg the farmer started to wonder about how thymes grow, viagra 25mg and a vegetable said “we’d tell you, viagra 25mg but we simply don’t have thyme (time)!” And a good laugh was had by all.

Viagra 25mg Wow, viagra 25mg I think like a Sesame Street writer. Viagra 25mg I must have watched these shows too much. Viagra 25mg What’s interesting is, viagra 25mg this is not the first time that I came up with a joke, viagra 25mg and later ended up seeing it on TV. Viagra 25mg The last time was about how people hate reading because “hate” and “book” sounds the same in Taiwanese.

Viagra 25mg Man, viagra 25mg I should totally write for TV.

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