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Lost my voice

Had a cold for a few days. I’m now recovering but as usual, my voice is the last thing to recover. I’ve been coughing so I’ve lost my voice a little bit. Actually, I didn’t entirely lose my voice but I can’t do a Mac and Cheese, Bottle Monster, or Bobby voice without coughing. Something about the way their voices are produced, I guess.

I’ve been performing on stage for quite a few years and I’ve come to have some understanding of my own voice. While I could be coughing with a cold like crazy backstage, I know how to control it to not cough when I’m on stage. It’s painful and it requires me to consciously monitor my throat when I speak. And whenever I sense that itch or tingling feeling that’s going to make me cough, I change my voice slightly, or pause (and swallow saliva), or use other words instead. But yeah, it sucks.

That said, I probably won’t be able to release an episode until next week, because my voice is still recovering. I am going to aim for next week in terms of releasing a new episode. For this week, I think I’ll be putting up more posts, probably gonna keep going on how to put two characters on the screen with only one puppeteer. I will probably be writing about how to do a green screen effect first.

By the way, I got my first spam comment! You didn’t see it because I already filtered it out, but yeah, a spammer. That means this site is at least getting some love and attention, right? 😛 Alright, don’t go spamming me to make me feel better now. I don’t need that, haha.

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