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Episode 7 – Big Dipper

Episode 7 is here! In this episode, Mac and Cheese and Bottle Monster realized that the Big Dipper in the sky was broken. They decided to fix it… somehow. And this episode tells you about their attempt to fix the Big Dipper, so the people that are relying on it to find the North Star (Polaris) to find directions won’t get lost. Oh yeah, this episode references Episode 2: iBottle and Episode 4: Mr. Robottle. If you haven’t seen them, it would be good to check them out. :-)

If you can’t see the embedded video,
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The music is Radio Martini by Kevin MacLeod. It’s licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

In terms of editing, this episode was quite a monster. It has quite a few items that I needed to animate. There’s quite a few places where I need to make sure the animations and puppetry work together. And a lot of the footages I filmed this time are not that great so it takes a lot of fixing. And also when I made so many references to previous episodes, I had to dig through a bunch of footages. Ah, quite some work, but I like a challenge.

Yeah, I know there’s a continuity but I’m too lazy to go back and fix it, so I am just going to hope that you don’t spot it. 😛 I actually expected this episode to come out over 4 minutes but it didn’t. I feel like the pacing is a little off. Certain things, especially the musical montage was a little rushed. But hey, you learn from mistakes. It’s still an entertaining episode, I thought, but I need to be critical to make these things better! :-)

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