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Puppet Kaos - where Kelvin Kao plays with puppets and tell random stories

Episode 8 – Nobody’s Watching

Episode 8 is here! Mac and Cheese, Bottle Monster, Bobby and Moostifer sit down to have a meeting because more people are watching Grey’s Anatomy, Law and Order: SVU, and American Idol than Puppet Kaos. They all brainstorm and come up with ideas. And finally they have a trailer for the possible new fall show line-up.

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The announcer for the trailer segment of the video is my friend and co-worker Alvin Lam. He’s an actor who’s been on CBS’s “The Unit”. In this podcast episode, you only hear his voice. To watch him, check out episode “Freefall” (Season 2, Episode 22) of “The Unit” where he played a spoiled Thai prince. Many thanks to his highness for voicing over our little puppet show.

The music is Welcome to the Show by Kevin MacLeod. It’s licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

The background picture used in the “Who’s Smarter than a Chair” shot was by “Sports Chair” by Jeff Kramer. It’s also licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

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