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Puppet Kaos - where Kelvin Kao plays with puppets and tell random stories

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I came home and that was great. Sorry that there was no new episode this week. Between going to the LCC show: Enchant This! (which was a good show, by the way) and going home for Thanksgiving (and away from my video-making things), I didn’t have time to produce an episode. It’s alright. Just like NBA is not scheduling any game on Thanksgiving, most of you are probably going to be spending time with family and friends instead of checking this website anyway. (At least I hope that’s what you are doing, if you are in the U.S., which most of the readers of this blog are.)

That said, I did brainstorm up an episode. I simply didn’t have time to film it and edit it. I thought I’d put the script up here instead.

Abbreviations: (These are the standard abbreviations that I use in my scripts.)
Mac – Mac and Cheese
Bot – Bottle Monster
Bobby – Bobby… I could’ve used Bob but that’s too similar to Bot when I am reading quickly.
Moost – Moostifer

(Regular episode background)
Mac: Hey, Bottle Monster, we have a problem.
Bot: What is it?
Mac: It’s Thanksgiving, and I’d like to do an episode about giving thanks.
Bot: Oh yeah? Didn’t you assign that episode to Kelvin?
Mac: Yeah, but he said that he’s going on strike along with the other writers.
(Cut to: Kelvin)
Kelvin: I am not paid enough to write! I’m going on strike!
(Cut back to: Mac and Bot)
Bot: That’s a problem, but it’s not a serious problem.
Mac: You sound like you have an idea, eh?
Bot: Yeah, we should do an award show, because it requires a lot less writing, and we get the chance to thank people.
(Cut to: Mac in front of a red curtain)
Mac: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first annaul Not-So-Golden Globe Award! The Not-So-Golden Globe Award for Best Fur on Puppet Kaos goes to… Bottle Monster!
Bot: (with a globe in his hand) Wow, this is awesome. I am so excited to be getting this globe. I have so many people to thank. I’d like to thank all the people that’s been watching our Puppet Kaos podcast: Julia, Mandy, you are awesome. Thank you, Thomas, Theresa, and Alvin, for your continual support. And Andrew, thank you for including us in the Puppet Web Series Round-up week after week… am I running out of time?
Mac: Of course not! We have no writer, remember?
Bot: Awesome. We’d also like to give a shout-out to the Wippets. Barff, Spafford, Jimmy, Phil, and I think I should also thank Ron… is he the one that update the website for you guys? I’d also like to thank Beckie, Rick, Angel, Tran, Rex, and Myha for watching and giving me feedbacks… Wow, this is awesome, I thought I’d be cut off by some music at some point…
Mac: You won’t. We have no writer. Come up with as much to say as possible.
Bot: Oh yeah, I just got this note from Kelvin. He said he’d like to thank Janet for helping him make puppets.
Mac: Make puppets? What does that mean?
Bot: I don’t know, and he said he’d like to thank Kevin MacLeod for the music we used episode after episode.
(Bobby enters)
Bobby: Hey guys, sorry to bother you, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to have this curtain here.
Mac: Why not?
Bobby: Because Moostifer is here. You know what he does when he sees a red piece of cloth.
Mac: Uh-oh.
(Cut to: Moostifer charging towards the curtain, bump into the wall and fall, get up, charge curtain again, and repeat)
Mac: This is not doing so well, let’s get Kelvin back.
(Cut to: Mac in front of regular episode background)
Mac: Kelvin, we’ve decided to give you a raise.
Kelvin: Really? Then I might come back.
Mac: Starting today, we are giving you a 300% raise.
Kelvin: Yay! I got a raise. Woohoo! (Kelvin runs out.)
Bot: So how much was he getting paid?
Mac: He was getting paid $0, and now he’s going to be paid 300% more of that.
Bot: That means, he is now paid…
Mac: Yep, jack shit.
Bot: Oh okay.
(Cut to Kelvin)
Kelvin: But you know what? I’m still thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, now you can use your imagination and watch it in your head. Don’t tell me that you don’t have an imagination.

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