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Puppet Kaos - where Kelvin Kao plays with puppets and tell random stories

Deviating from Schedule…

Hi guys. I am going to deviate from my original set schedule of releasing an episode every Wednesday. What I realized is that sometimes I am trying to rush things out by Wednesday night and I end up dropping certain shots that’s harder to do. And sometimes I have an episode idea queued up just because I can’t possibly finish everything within a week. (And by a week I mean one or two nights… what? You don’t expect me to work on these videos every night, right? Nobody is paying me to do this full time. :-P)

So yeah, I will keep on releasing new episodes, but not at such regular intervals. Having a deadline has its benefits though. It really keeps me thinking about possible sketch ideas all the time so a lot of ideas come to me nowadays. (They are not always good ideas but some of them are.) So since I already have that going, having a strict deadline becomes less important.

Thanks again for supporting this podcast. Oh, did I mention that there won’t be an episode tonight? :-p

PS. I am thinking the next episode would be tofu-related.

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