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Editing Trick: Alpha Glow

Ever wonder how the characters were able to toss that ball of “daylight” around in Episode 12: Daylight Saving? Okay, maybe you didn’t, but here’s how to do it just for the record and for the people that care. 😛

I used Adobe Premiere Pro, and for good results, your best bet is probably to look for third-party plug-ins that specifically do glowing effects. In this video, however, I chose to use the built-in Alpha Glow effect. This effect adds a glow to specific objects in a video, be it some kind of text, shape, or a picture.

Note that for the ball of “daylight” effect, you really only need to draw an oval and make it glow. In this example, I’m going to have other shapes like rectangle, triangle, and text glow as well. They are just there to serve as examples.


First create a caption file and put things that you want to glow in it, like the left half of the above picture. (The right half is the final result after applying the Alpha Glow effect.)

And then go to the Effects window, in the effects window, under Video Effects => Stylize, find Alpha Glow and drag it into the Effect Controls window of the caption/title file:

And then in the Effect Controls Window, you will see the different variables. The glow is currently the default value: gray. So although the quarter circle is yellow and the text is green, they are still glowing the same gray. For best effect, you might want to tweak the color of the object and the glow to match each other. You can also change the “Glow” option to make the emitting rays longer or shorter.

And that’s how the glowing effect is done. And to have the characters hold and toss the glowing objects, it’s just like making them hold and toss non-glowing objects. Just carefully adjust the positions and sizes of the caption file to match the characters’ hand movements. The glowing effect is associated with the caption file so you don’t need to worry much about it.

And that’s how you throw daylight around. :-)

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Puppet Madness

Puppet Kaos is now on Puppet Madness!

Puppet Madness is this new video site that hosts puppet videos. It’s like a puppet video Youtube. Man, all these specialty tubes nowadays: I already knew there’s GodTube for Christian stuff, for recipes and other food goodness, and now there’s Puppet Madness.

Better yet, currently three of our videos are featured on the homepage! (But of course, that obviously tells you that there aren’t that many users yet… :-P) It’s quite a new site and I’d say there’s still quite some tweaking to do. For example, I can’t find a support email or FAQ page, which is quite strange. Some buttons aren’t working properly and they are cropping my videos sort of weird. I like the simple interface though. And they have some serious marketing to do… videos on the front page shouldn’t be getting less than 10 views! 😛

Would this site take off? I don’t know. I don’t think there’s enough people that would care about puppets enough to regularly visit the site to have significant traffic to compete with YouTube or other hosting services though. I view it more as a community and forum where different puppeteers and producers can post their videos and look at each other’s work. I like the design of the site though. Hopefully it gets bigger.

If you want to see the Puppet Kaos page on Puppet Madness, here’s the link:

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