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Thursday morning I was waken up by people knocking on the door. Turned out that it was two officers from Los Angeles County Sheriff, the apartment manager, and someone sent by the owner to change locks. The officer told us to grab our car keys and cell phones and leave the premise. I was told that my roommate hasn’t been paying rent. Oh well, being the good citizen that I am, I just complied. My roommate kept talking and talking to them, saying how she doesn’t have any place to go, etc. But I never understand people that do that though. It’s not going to help you out in any way. I don’t understand people that fight battles that they can’t possibly win, especially when there’s a court order present and police officers enforcing it.

Anyway, we had to leave the premise. I just went to work. It’s interesting that I’m pretty calm throughout this whole thing. I mean, it did annoy me that I have to spend time dealing with this stuff, but I refuse to let this event become the focus of my daily life. Though I’m going to have to move home (actually, there weren’t much to move since we couldn’t really take too many things since we had to leave immediately) and then commute to work from there, I’m still going to be doing the things I do. I’m still going to go to work. I’m still going to be working on this puppetry stuff, speaking of which, I have a little bit of news:

That very afternoon, I went to the UCLA campus for a rehearsal. I haven’t mentioned this project on this site yet, but I’m going to be puppeteering in film student Allyson Schwarz‘s new film: Seamus and Magellan. The rehearsal was pretty chill and fun. It was more for the cast members to get familiar with each other. Here’s the story: When ten year old Sam’s older brother, Jonas, leaves home, he is forced by his mother to start growing up. When his goth sister, Anna, tells Sam about the “forgotten brother” locked away in the closet, Sam’s imagination goes into overdrive and out comes the seemingly harmless imaginary friends, Seamus and Magellan, who are all about fun and games, though not all the games are harmless. I will play Magellan who is this stuffed koala that comes to life. Should be a fun project to do. :-)

Oh, and we rehearsed in a TV studio in Melnitz Hall (That’s the film department building at UCLA). And I got to see the TV studio control room. It was pretty cool. There’s this huge panel with lots of bottons. The cameras weren’t on, but you can still press the buttons to switch to different cameras (though in that case we just see different kinds of static), and then there are also buttons for all kinds of different wipes. That was interesting to see. I know a lot of cutting and wipes can be done in post-production in movies, but in TV, where you have multiple cameras rolling at the same time, those are the tools you use. That was cool to me.

Filming is this weekend. More updates about the film later!


  1. March 21st, 2008 | 6:29 pm

    That is way too much excitement for me! Roommates can really suck, as of course you know. You seem to have a really positive attitude. I’m impressed. I hope everything is going better now.

    Michelle’s last blog post..How to Make Money Blogging Without Being Annoying

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