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Seamus and Magellan frame grabs

As some of you might have aleady known, I’ve been involved in a short film by writer/director Allyson Schwarz called Seamus and Magellan. We filmed in February and the film is now in editing. Here’s several frame grabs. Look for me.


So… did you find me? No? Good. That means I did a good job hiding behind/below the bed.

I was the one puppeteering the koala bear, although you’d have to take my words for it, since you couldn’t see me. When you are a puppeteer, you become the expert of hiding below or behind something. In fact, I’m so good at this skill that I’m going to start coaching people. So let’s say if you are a man planning to have a fling with a woman at her place and she has a real jealous boyfriend or husband that just might just come home unexpectedly through the front door that’s 15 seconds away from the bedroom and there is only one door so you can’t get out of the room and there’s no closet for you to hide in so you can’t use what you learned from R. Kelly and it’s on the 8th floor so you can’t just leave through the window and the only thing you can do is hide below or behind the bed, then my expertise in hiding can help you. Before you go and do anything stupid, let me coach you first.

Of course I’m joking, but you are welcome to pay for the non-existing service anyway. Here you go. 😀

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