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Today, We Celebrate

There were many holidays out there. We celebrate them, but that doesn’t mean that the day belongs to us. There is Veteran’s Day but I’m not a veteran. There is Christmas, but I’m not religious. There’s Chinese new year but I’m not Chinese. There is Valentine’s Day but I don’t have a lover. There is Mother’s Day but I’m not a mother. There is St. Patrick’s Day but I’m not Irish. There are many holidays out there that people celebrate, but they don’t necessarily apply to us. Now, is there a day that we can call our own?

Search no more, my fellow fools, for today, is our day.

We are tricked; we are deceived; today, the non-fools experience how you feel by getting tricked themselves for a day. Today, people might or might not be tricked. They learn to watch out for what people say and do, and look for clues to decide between truth or bull. Todays, we learn the difference between being careful, judgemental, suspicious, skeptical, and paranoid. Today is about wisdom, and today is about truth.

So, my fellow fools, today we celebrate our foolishness and share it with the world. We let them know what it’s like to feel foolish and it will raise the awareness of the entire human race. We might actually like being a fool, or we might be bitter and cynical about it. But no matter what, we don’t need your pity, as we have already gotten enough from Mr. T.

Ahaha, I just wasted your time reading something totally pointless and don’t quite really mean. Ahaha, psych. Okay, that was the lamest April Fools thing ever written. I won’t do that again next year.

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