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Rhinocerhorse: The Story of The Last Unicorn

Last week, I mentioned a puppet video in LCC‘s Spring 2008 production: Arrivals and Departures. And now, the video, Rhinocerhorse: The Story of The Last Unicorn, is on YouTube!

The film is by my friend Mandel Lum with the help of people from the LCC Theatre Company. I enjoyed it and I hope you will too!

PS. I am still in Pittsburgh and only online for about half an hour each day. I have a new video that I am done with the rough cut. Will add music and upload the video once I am back in Los Angeles.

In Pittsburgh this week…

Will probably not update much from here since I only have internet connections every now and then. However, the new episode has already been done and the editing is more than halfway done, so expect an episode early June!

And that’s it for now. :-) Can’t just sit in front of a computer when you are out travelling, right?

Camera test: Canon Optura 400

Here is a brief test for my new Canon Optura 400. Of course, the file has been compressed once by the camera (DV), another time by QuickTime (Mpeg4), and another time by Blip TV (Flash). I’m the only one that knows what the raw footage looks like. I didn’t pay attention to lighting or what-not. I’m merely testing out the functionalities. So far so good.

Though I already mentioned that I’m in the process of making a new episode, I’ve been travelling though I don’t normally do that much. Last weekend was a Las Vegas trip which was quite fun. This whole next week I’m visiting my sister in Pittsburgh, so I don’t think the episode will be done. I did finish filming though, so all that’s left is editing. Not sure when it will be actually finished yet. For now, enjoy the camera test video. Yeah, it was very short. That was because the battery went dead, and I didn’t bother to plug in my brand-new (ok, refurbished) charger.

LCC Spring 2008: Arrivals and Departures Review

I checked out LCC‘s Spring 2008 production: Arrivals and Departures on Monday and Tuesday. It was a good show. It might have been one of the best shows in recent history. The writing is really solid and the actors showed very good commitment to their characters. The energy was really good. The thing I love the most about student productions is that raw energy and LCC has never failed to bring that.

The show opened with a parody of those flight safety instruction videos, which fit the the show title really well. The introduction video was short and fun to watch. It really captured everyone’s personality (and I can say that because I know these people and I’ve also seen them perform).

The first scene was about a Vietnamese family and how their family dynamic played out while in a crisis. It was the same conflicts that they struggled through with one another every day, except amplified in that confined location and time frame. The characters felt real, unlike some of the cheesy culture show ones. It wasn’t the most unique story, but it was presented well in a charming way. It was a good job by the writer, director, and actors.

The second scene was a narrative type of scene told by the owner of a cyber cafe about the people that came in. It’s one of those scenes that make you think. It did make me think, but that doesn’t mean I figured anything out. That’s just like math problems. But these things are more observations. You just experience it. Maybe there’s a message somewhere, but I don’t care, and I’d rather draw my own conclusions (or not).

The third scene was one about three ghosts going through a test. They were assigned by the test master to scare someone they are assigned to in order to get their haunting licenses. One ghost was assigned her boyfriend, who she sacrificed her life to save. But she just couldn’t do it. At the end, the test master made her the guy’s guardian angel. It was a simple and sweet story. These kind of scenes are all in the execution and it turned out good.

The final scene was a flashback one with someone waking up in a strange bar pub and trying to figure out what happened to him the night before (and what happened to his life) and it used a variation of a bunch of fairy tale characters. To be honest, the costumes were too good, and I was probably paying more attention to the elaborate costumes than the plot line. I tend to do that when I watch Shakespeare and other stuff where the costume is fancy.

They also showed a video and it’s a puppet show, which I dig. It’s called Rhinocerhorse: The Story of the Last Unicorn. It involved a unicorn, a liger (that’s not quite a lion and not quite a tiger), Dick Cheney, Optimus Prime and others. It was quite random but it was fun to watch. Afterwards I talked to Mandel to ask him how he did all the fire and smoke. I’m into that stuff, hehe. I’ve got to get ahold of a copy one of these days.

Overall it was a really good one. It’s also fun for me since many alumni would come back to see the show so it’s like a reunion too. So that was fun.

LCC presents: Arrivals and Departures

LCC Theatre Company, the UCLA theatre company that I’m an alumnus of, is putting on its Spring 2008 production tonight (May 19) and tomorrow night (May 20). I’m going to check out the show.

For those of you that do not know, LCC is a theatre company where the cast members do everything themselves, including writing, directing, acting, marketing, designing and all these different aspects of the show. In most shows in recent years, I’ve either been in them or I’ve been listening to the scripts in cold reads. Sometimes I would be there for the mock show too. This quarter, however, I have pretty much no idea what to expect. So it would be an interesting one for me too. After all, one important element of comedy is surprise. And I shall be more surprised than usual this time, since I have no idea what’s on the show.

If you are interested, and are in the UCLA area, feel free (because the show itself is free) to drop by and enjoy the show. The door opens at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7:00pm. It’s in Northwest Auditorium which is a theater that seats about 300 near Sproul Hall. I know I’ll be there.

LCC presents Spring 2008 show: Arrivals and Departures

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