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Puppet Kaos - where Kelvin Kao plays with puppets and tell random stories

New Camera, New Script


There’s my new camera and a new script in the picture. I got the camera last week and wrote a new script for a video several days ago. Does that mean there will be a video soon? I hope so, but I’m not so sure since I do have plans for travelling. Regardless, we are back in production! It’s only a matter of time for the release of a new episode.

The camera I bought to replace my old Canon ELURA 100 is a Canon Optura 400. I actually was not considering it in the beginning because it was priced at $1200, which is way out of my price range. I was trying to decide between getting another Canon ELURA 100 or a Panasonic GS320, both of which I can buy new at about $350. But when I saw that I could get a refurbished Canon Optura 400 for about the same price, I decided to go for it. I was a little reluctant to buy refurbished stuff, because I don’t know if there would be problems, but that was a huge saving and I wanted to try it out.

As of right now, I’ve played around with the new camera but I haven’t really recorded anything yet. I’ll write more about it once I’ve actually filmed some stuff with it.

The Most Amazing Worms in the World!

I just saw a link to this video over at the PuppetVision blog, and I totally love it! It’s called Worm Circus, and it’s exactly what the name suggests: a bunch of worms performing tricks! I love this video. The worms are such simple puppets. They don’t have faces and they don’t use words. Everything is conveyed through body movement and sound effects/music produced by kazoos. It’s totally entertaining, take a look!

The crowd cheers when the worms perform their fancy tricks successfully. What’s even more hilarious is the different reactions of the worms when a trick fails. These great reactions make them so alive. And then they have some impressions of classic movie scenes as well. Take a look. It’s 10 minutes of great entertainment brought to you by some very talented worms!

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