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Cool Links to Check Out (06/22/2008 edition)

Here’s some interesting stuff that I came across this week. Apparently I look at a lot of crap (and not-crap) every week.

Puppetry / video-making related:

Writing for Animated Characters and Puppets

Though Chet and Andrew have already written about this, and it might look like I’m just repeating what they already wrote, I would like to recommend this to people interested in writing for puppets as well. This is Episode 18 of a podcast for screenwriters called On the Page. In this episode, the guests are David Skelly (Writer/Director, Pixar story artist) and Kirk Thatcher (Writer/Director, The Jim Henson Company) and they are on air to talk about writing for these formats.

I like what they said about making better use of the different visual aspects of the medium. For a talking head script, humans are actually better because they have more complicated facial expressions. Puppets and animations can be more powerful if they do what humans can’t do. Sometimes I’m still struggling with making things less talking-head-ish. I especially noticed it after I made the sort of “silent” episode.

How to Make Fake Mustaches

This tutorial shows you how to make realistic-looking (or funny-looking) mustaches. Fake mustaches are so much fun. In one of the shows we’ve done, our improv team went on stage wearing fake mustaches without telling the other team that we were going to do it. The “what the —-” look on the other team was awesome. I probably won’t actually try this tutorial out though. It’s still a little too much hassle for me.

Other stuff:

Economics of the Movie Theater – Where the Money Goes and Why It Costs Us So Much

This article talks about how the fat percentage of ticket sale money going to the studios, unnecessarily big paychecks going to actors that aren’t even good, and too many bad movies getting made is causing the ticket prices to go up, and the popcorn to cost six dollars. It’s very interesting to see how imbalanced the revenue sharing is and how messed up the system is. I don’t go to movies that much but the price isn’t the major reason though. I think it’s because a three-hour movie, plus trailers, plus commercials, plus going to the theater and coming back can easily turn into a five-hour commitment. And if a movie is bad, it’s harder to sit through three hours. I think an hour and half or two hours is a good length for a movie. Three hours is just too long. Well, still, there are some things about going to movies that can’t be replaced by DVDs. I don’t care what you say, but watching Snakes on a Plane on the opening weekend with a college crowd is one of the best movie-going experiences I’ve had.

Video demonstration of Phun – 2D Physics Simulator

Although I haven’t downloaded the software to try it out, it looks like quite a fun game. Phun is this 2D physics simulator that’s simple and fun. A picture is worth a thousand words so a video is worth even more. But basically, you can draw different shapes, and then you can stack them, put them in water, push them, put them on wheels, etc. and watch them interact. You can change the weight, density, coefficient of friction and so on and watch how the objects interact differently. It looks quite fun. I’m going to try it out later.

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