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A Show About Plumbers and Carpenters

Last night I went to Old Dirty Conservatory‘s August show “Woodworks!… A Show About Carpentry and Plumbing”. The tagline on the flyer says “and quite possibly our stupidest show to date!”. I’ve watched several shows of theirs, and I am not sure if this was indeed THE stupidest one, but it’s definitely up there. Yep, certainly lived up to expectations. Some of the stuff was really stupid, but very entertaining. You know, you’ve just got to go when there’s a show about plumbers and carpenters, of all things.

Having been to a few of their shows, I think one of the thing that’s a nice touch to this particular one was the use of a live musician. These people write their lines pretty loosely and improvise on the spot all the time, so a musician that can just add music to the scene (instead of playing pre-recorded soundtracks) works really well.

Not gonna recap the whole show, but just to give you a sence of what happened:
1. An entertainer went on a quest to the sewers and pipe in search of his plumber father who disappeared in an unfortunate plumbing accident. Yes, they encountered many pieces of poo along the way.
2. A carpentry contest was in town. The winner? The student of the great master who taught moves that were both karote and carpentry at the same time.
3. An interpretive dance with a plunger and a piece of poo. (My interpretation anyway.)
4. An “interview” (and banter) between Randall and Dwayne with video clips in between to back up their points.
5. Two plumbers’ encounters with a Russian whore.

Looking forward to the next one.

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