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Cool Links to Check Out (08/17/2008 edition)

Living Up to Your Potential Is BS

This is a little bit of a reality check from Penelope Trunk telling people that complain about not reaching their full potential that the idea is BS, and is totally not the purpose of life. I agree with what she said in the article. Of course, the title of the article is somewhat puzzling without reading the article.

How to Do Light Drawings

This is a cool tutorial teaching you how to draw a picture with flashlights and really long exposures. I don’t think my camera has a setting for such long exposure time (haven’t checked yet), but if your camera can do it, it would be fun to try out!

The Daily Show: Special Olympics Update

This is The Daily Show’s look on all the controversies and scandals surrounding the Olympics games currently taking place. It was about the Olympics on the surface, but it was actually an interesting look at our modern culture. Take a look. :-)

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