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Puppet Kaos - where Kelvin Kao plays with puppets and tell random stories

Happy (or Spooky) Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Hope that you are all eating lots of candies. That would be sweet. But do you know why we eat candies? Did you know there’s a conspiracy behind Halloween? If you don’t, then you haven’t seen my video from last year that exposed the truth.

It’s been a year. How time flies! But that’s not the point…

John McCain puppet

This is a music video of a John McCain puppet singing “100 Years To Win”, a parody of Five For Fighting‘s song “100 Years”.

I’ve seen a few puppet videos online parodying president candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. Unfortunately many of them are just people putting a light color puppet and a dark color puppet next to each other and calling them McCain and Obama. This one, however, actually looks like John McCain. I think it’s the shape of the head. My favorite part is the eyebrows. They certainly made the puppet a lot more expressive.

The election is in a few days. As for this blog, I’m planning to put up an episode that has to do with the election, and I’m planning to write a post about presidential debate moderators… if I finish in time, that is.

Please Don’t Call Me Dummy

Look. Being a puppet isn’t easy, I tell you. Show them some love.

This is a little song called “Please Don’t Call Me Dummy” by Puppet Scraps. The lyrics are heart-felt and really depict the social issues faced by puppets everywhere. Carry on, puppet. Live a good life.

Guest Post

I wrote a guest post called Why You SHOULD Have A Messy Desk over at Derek Semmler dot com. Check it out! :-)

I know, I know. Some of you organized people are shaking your heads and tsk tsk tsk’ing at me, but the voice of unorganized people must be heard!

Joe the Plumber

Guess who’s all the rage these days? Yep, Joe the Plumber.

For those of you not familiar with Joe the Plumber, he is this guy that questioned presidential candidate Barack Obama about his tax plain. His name was subsequentially brought up numerous times throughout the presidential debate as Obama and John McCain talk about their visions and plans. Under media scrutiny, there are also other facts revealed about him, such as his real name and the fact that he wasn’t a licensed plumber.

Anyway, I was thinking, somebody (let’s not look at me for now) should make a puppet show where Joe the Plumber, Joe Six-Pack, and Hockey Mom would sit down to discuss politics and economy. I think that would be hilarious.

And then I happened to come across this yesterday… not quite what I was picturing but it was amusing nevertheless.

Elmo Interviews Kevin Clash (Elmo)

This is an interview of Kevin Clash, the puppeteer for Elmo, done by… Elmo? Normally, like this interview on Rove, Clash would appear with Elmo in his hand. But in this particular interview, Elmo is the host and Clash is sitting next to him. Either they did some camera tricks or the Elmo part is done by an understudy (I think the latter is more likely). It was pretty cute overall, but I’ve got to ask this:

Is it me or the ending is unbelievably awkward?

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