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Cool Links to Check Out (11/17/2008 edition)

Idea + Square = Origami

This video talks about the origami community is using math to help them come up with all kinds of new designs now. The basic idea is, since all creases around a point divide up the paper into angles that add up to 360 degrees, origami is simply the practice of fitting circles of different sizes into a square. And there’s a lot of studies done about fitting circles into squares in geometry. It’s interesting how they can just change one way of looking at things (origami) and suddenly be able to use all these researches from another field (math) to help it out. Also, origami, the practice of folding a 2-D sheet into a 3-D object, became useful in fields like space technology as well. With the right perspective, things that seem totally unrelated are not as unrelated as they seem!

The Eyeballing Game

This is fun. Ever wonder how well you eyeball things, such as how straight a line is, where the center of a circle is, and if lines are perpendicular? In this little game, you can do that and have the game check to see how accurate you are… I am below average. 😛
(via Fredipedia)

Winning and Losing

Research finds that people are not driven so much by the desire of winning, but more by the fear of losing. Hm, maybe before you know it, they’ll have another research that says the opposite.

Now That’s What I Call a “Cup” Cake

This tutorial shows you how to make instant chocolate cake in a mug using the microwave. Most of the people that tried it seem to say that the texture is quite strange. The video is fun to watch nevertheless. I am not about to make chocolate cakes this way, but man, chocolate cakes are good. I cannot resist the web of chocolatey temptation. (Yes, that was a VeggieTales reference.)

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