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Review: Old Dirty Conservatories presents… Gratitude

Went to the sketch comedy show put on by Old Dirty Conservatories at Comedy Central’s Hudson Theatre stage last night. Old Dirty Conservatories is this group that consists of Randall Park, Dwayne Perkins, Rick Lee, Ray Lai, Matt Hill, and Johnny Skourtis. For this particular show, Matt was too busy to find time to rehearse and Rick was on his honeymoon (congrats, Rick!), so they had Marcus (I might have spelled that wrong) and Jade (not sure about that one either) instead. The dynamic was slightly different but it worked out well anyway.

I’ve been to several of their shows, and this one is funny and entertaining as usual. The theme is gratitude because Thanksgiving is coming. Sometimes they have sketches that have a point but this time… not really. It was pointless randomness that made people laugh and I happen to be a fan of that. Just to name a few things from the sketches in the show: a Thanksgiving dinner where people brought food made out of cardboard to share (and actually enjoy), an adult applying to sit at the grown-up table interviewed by his father, an old person who got mad after realizing his retirement gift for his 65 years of service was just a tote bag but then got happy again after realizing that there’s a can of his favorite stuffing in the bag. Again, randomness.

It’s always entertaining to watch the people you know perform, and it’s good to run into Tim whom I haven’t seen for a few years.

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