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Looking Back at 2008

I read this somewhere else, and thought it was a great idea. So here it is, the first line from the first post of every month in 2008:

January: 2007 has come to an end. Now it’s 2008.

Not very interesting, is it? I mean, duh.

February: I was depressed, and shadow puppets brought me out of it.

In the next sentence I admitted that I was only exaggerating. Shadow puppets indeed got me excited though!

March: This past month and half I’ve been dealing with a lot of annoyance.

Annoyance indeed. A few bad things happened and it had definitely slowed my steps down. 2008 wasn’t that great of a year. And I only had one post in March, and it was on March 31 of all days… bleh.

April: There are many holidays out there.

There are indeed. This just goes to show you that I am not that great at writing the opening line of posts.

May: I just saw a link to this video over at the PuppetVision blog, and I totally love it!

Oh yeah, those worms are so awesome!

June: Just got back from visiting my sister in Pittsburgh.

And it was a good trip.

July: Being a puppeteer is a lot like being an actor.

No kidding. Except when you can’t act, your face can’t save you (nor ruin you).

August: This is going to be THE most technical post that’s ever appeared on this blog, so if you can’t stand it, just skip over this post.

Ah, I was writing about upgrading from WordPress 2.1 to 2.6 and all the problems I encountered. Interesting to look at this now because I’m about to upgrade once again to 2.7. Hopefully no headaches this time. (It was challenging and mentally stimulating headache though.)

September: Don LaFontaine (August 26, 1940 – September 1, 2008) wasn’t the most famous celebrity out there, but so many of us had heard his voice.

Ah, the voice actor was a great man. May he rest in peace.

October: Sorry I’ve been MIA lately.

Bad blogger, bad.

November: In this episode, Bottle Monster can not decide between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Ah, this was a fun episode. And we finally have a new president.

December: Hm, for some reason this flyer actually fits my current color scheme very well.

This was about an LCC show and once again I wrote an ambiguous opening sentence. I’ve got to start writing better ones, eh?

Anyway, let’s remember the good about 2008, and forget about the bad. Okay, I don’t mean forget. I mean kick it under the bed. You’d know it’s there, but you will be able to sleep on it and don’t let it bother you.

So there you go, 2008.


  1. January 2nd, 2009 | 5:08 pm

    What a great idea! I should go back and do the same. I’m afraid it might be dismal, though, because I don’t write as often when I’m happy.

  2. January 2nd, 2009 | 7:36 pm

    You know, my friend told me that he (and most musicians he knows) can only write new songs when they are sad. And I’ve seen many people that just rant, rant, rant on their blogs though I know they are living (mostly) happy lives. I guess some people write more when they are happy and some people write more when they are sad.

    I don’t like to write about unhappy things though. I personally think it’s totally unnecessarily to make myself think through unpleasant stuff again, unless I have something (marginally) meaningful to say.

    And happy new year to you, Michelle. :-)

  3. January 9th, 2012 | 2:25 am

    […] Inspired by this post, here is a list of the first sentence from the first blog post of each month. Interesting way to look back at last year. I also did this in 2008. […]

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