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Ernie and Cookie Monster Explains the Bernie Madoff Scandal

This is a funny clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live in which Ernie and Cookie Monster explains what Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme is. It was edited together using an old Sesame Street clip and new voiceovers. I thought they did a great job with both the editing and the dubbing. Take a look:

(If you can’t see the embedded video, click here.)

I don’t even remember where I originally saw the clip, but I’ve seen it floating around on many puppetry blogs, finance blogs, and social media sites. It’s simply everywhere! I also dug around for the original clip and found it here. I had to scan through a bunch of videos, because there are many many videos involving Ernie trying to hide cookies, count cookies, or do something with cookies, and Cookie Monster trying really hard to eat the cookies or avoid eating the cookies. Of course, Cookie Monster always ends up eating the cookies. They’ve done so many of these and yet I still never get tired of them. Now that’s good performance. And Cookie Monster is my favorite Sesame Street character of all time. :-)

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about how they put the video together. Okay, I don’t know how exactly they did it, but I’ll tell you how I would’ve done it if I were the editor. Come back tomorrow for the post!


  1. March 19th, 2009 | 12:45 pm

    I used to have an Ernie puppet and a Cookie Monster stuffed animal when I was a kid. Ah, this brings back memories!

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..Good Grammar Forward

  2. March 19th, 2009 | 6:53 pm

    You could’ve filmed this yourself then! :-)

  3. March 20th, 2009 | 3:17 am

    […] Yesterday I linked to the Sesame Street parody on Jimmy Kimmel Live in which Ernie and Cookie Monster explained Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme. It was done by dubbing over the original video. But of course, the original video does not show Ernie firing a gun at Cookie Monster. So how was that added into the video? Here’s how. […]

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