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Bottle Monster Unboxes an iPad

I got an iPad.

I bought it either because I had fun trying one at Best Buy, or because I am an iPhone app developer and need one for work purposes. It was probably a little of both, but anyway, I ordered one and got it in the mail last week. So, I proceeded to open it. But after I opened the outside packaging, I thought, wait, I should make one of those unboxing videos, like what you see many people unboxing the iPhone, XBox, Wii, etc. on Youtube. But my will have a puppet in it, of course! So here we go:

About the device

So, did I like the iPad? Yes, I love it. Even though so far I’ve mostly just used it to browse the web and watch videos (something that I normally do on my computer), somehow using a touch screen to do so is quite an enjoyable experience for me. The battery life is excellent. I got it on Monday and did not charge it at all until Thursday night. Of course, when I was watching videos instead of just browsing the web, the batteries would not last as long, but I could still go without charging it for the whole day. Compared this to my laptop that would only last less than two hours or so, that was pretty good and freed me from being close to an outlet. Also, it stays cool instead of heating up like my laptop, so I appreciate that as well. It is a little heavier than I thought, but is still significantly lighter than my laptop. Therefore I prefer using the iPad when I am in a situation in which I don’t have a desk in front of me.

Now, the downside. There is no multi-tasking so I will need to quit one app if I want to start another app. However, if the app is well designed, it will save its state before it exits so you can resume from where you left off. I mostly just use the web browser anyway. It just means that I won’t be checking my IM or Twitter all the time. I guess it also make you focus more on one thing instead of going back and forth. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just a different mentality. Also it doesn’t support Flash. It means I will have to wait till I get back on a regular computer if I really want to see that content. As a computer programmer, I believe it’s a good trade-off. It makes the whole device more stable and keeps the battery from draining. The Youtube videos still work anyway, because they have their own dedicated app, and have recently switched to HTML5 for the mobile version, which is supported on iOS devices anyway.

So, overall, it’s pretty nice, but is still a luxury item, in my opinion. At this point, it cannot completely replace your regular computer, but maybe it was not meant to anyway.

About the video

I actually already cut the outside FedEx box open before I made the video, so I just taped it back. My camera isn’t high def, so you can’t tell anyway unless I tell you, which I just did. What you might be able to tell, if you are really observant, is that some parts of the video are fast-forwarded because the puppet hands are really clumsy at doing things. To remove the plastic from the box, I had already cut a slit on the back (hidden from view) so it’s easier to tear. I actually struggled to remove the plastic from the actual iPad, so you saw me bring it to the side of the screen. What I was actually doing was taking one hand out of the puppet so I could actually peel it. Of course, this was fast-forwarded because it took me a while. (I think that particular part was playing at 13x normal speed.) For the introduction where I had the puppet talking, I actually did several takes, but for the actual unboxing, I knew that I could only do one take (or make it an excuse to buy another one? Hm). That was interesting in trying to get everything right in one try.


  1. July 7th, 2010 | 4:31 pm

    Kelvin, I haven’t laughed so hard for quite some time! Bottle Monster is simply my favourite unofficial muppet now! I love how he sounds a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his observation that his hands seem to be furry. I fell off my chair at that point! 😛

    Nice overview of the new iPad too. It seems pretty sweet, but I don’t think I’ll be getting one though. I can only afford one or two major luxury items, and the Wii and DSi are mine (yup, big gaming freak here). Thanks for the giggle. :)

    Tony Single’s last blog post..A Swig a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

  2. July 7th, 2010 | 6:17 pm

    Yeah, I don’t really buy game consoles so that’s an expense I don’t have. (The last console I own was a Famicom, which is the Asian version of the NES.) I play more games on computers, at friend’s place, or of course, on cell phones. I am simply not particularly into gaming. In terms of luxury items, they seem to fall into one of two categories for me:
    1) Stuff that I can justify as business expense, and in fact can be used for work. (My MacBook, iPad, monitor, etc.)
    2) Stuff that has to do with puppetry and video-making. (Cameras)

  3. July 7th, 2010 | 9:48 pm

    Hi Kelvin – The iPad looks awesome. I would love one but in reality it probably wouldn’t work out for me. My husband has an iphone for work and everytime I try to find a number on it, I wind up calling half a dozen people when I’m trying to scroll through the contacts thing.

    Also, I didn’t realise you couldn’t multi-task on the iPad. That would be no good for me – my life wouldn’t be the same if I couldn’t have at least 20 windows open at once :)

    Cath Lawson’s last blog post..You Got Rid Of The Virus But Did You Stop The Hackers?

  4. July 7th, 2010 | 10:15 pm

    I am on my laptop right now, and let’s see… I have 22 tabs open in my browser. I have at least six programs running in the foreground and many more in the background. However, when I am using the iPad, I am somehow fine with using just one app at the time. I guess I can just switch my multi-tasking mentality on and off just like that. Interesting.

  5. July 8th, 2010 | 3:07 am

    Hi Kelvin,

    Man that was so funny! It’s been a long time since I really laughed with a YouTube video.

    I’ve seen many of those “unboxing review” in YouTube and definitely you should consider have the Bottle Monster get out there and show the world how it is done.

    Also, great info about the iPad itself, I’ve heard many things about it but this is the first time someone gives a neutral review telling the pros and cons together.

    Great job…and please tell Bottle Monster he Rocks!


    Alien Ghost’s last blog post..Men Don’t Cry!

  6. July 8th, 2010 | 4:36 am

    I don’t know about neutral. As someone that has been programming in iOS every day, I definitely have my share of bias.

    I would make more unboxing videos, but unfortunately, I would have to buy a bunch of stuff and be really poor. 😀

  7. July 9th, 2010 | 10:59 pm

    Kelvin, you crack me up. I laughed so many times while I was watching this. It’s all the little things you do — like when you open the shipping box, pull out the iPad, then sort of fling the shipping box away — like “get this out of my way, I need to open my iPAD!!!” Ha ha.

    I never would have known that you sped up the video. Do you use video editing software? That’s something I want to learn how to do.

    Oh man, I want one of those. Enjoy! And more videos please! This was great :)

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..10 Reasons Why Writers Should Learn Good Grammar

  8. July 10th, 2010 | 1:38 am

    Part of that just might be me getting impatient myself. “what’s this thing doing in the shot? I got to get on with the video already!” Also, Bottle Monster isn’t exactly the most patient puppet to begin with.

    After I took the iPad out, I realized that there was plastic wrapped around it. The box actually had plastic around it too, but that was easier to deal with because I already tore it halfway in the back (away from view, as props used by puppets often need to be rigged). With the iPad, since I was seeing it for the first time, I just had to make it work. I held it with my left hand and brought it to the side of the screen. This allows me to take the glove off my right hand and tear the plastic where the camera couldn’t see. When that was done, I brought the whole thing back into view. That took a minute or two. Since I kept my left hand relatively still, I was able to speed up the footage without making it look too obvious. I was able to pull this off because I was the editor myself and knew what I was capable of fixing in post-production.

  9. July 10th, 2010 | 3:29 am

    I also thought the monster sounded a little like Ah-nold. I love it.

    and I lol’ed for a good 4.7 minutes.

    Katrina’s last blog post..America is going to be OK.

  10. July 10th, 2010 | 4:19 am

    It’s my bastardized Arnold accent. I also have a bastardized Russian accent. Apparently I never make the effort to get them exactly right, but hey, they are more unique that way.

  11. July 13th, 2010 | 9:56 am


    I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun watching someone open a box:~) I laughed all through this video. You are one funny and clever guy.

    I love the puppet and the accent. Thanks for a very enjoyable six minutes….more videos please:~)

    Sara’s last blog post..Story Photo: The selection is…

  12. July 13th, 2010 | 3:53 pm

    Except when the box was wrapped and under a tree, right? 😉

  13. July 14th, 2010 | 11:54 pm

    HI Kelvin,

    I’m happy to see you doing a video as you mentioned on my blog you wanted to do more. Keep it up. You do great!!!. Let’s hope this goes viral on YouTube. :)

    The iPad intrigues me. In fact, I have now entered two contests in an attempt to win one. Wish me luck. One thing about Apple, they sure concentrate on “the packaging”. When you open one of their items it’s like Christmas.

    Congrats on your purchase!

    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..They Lied. There Is No King

  14. July 15th, 2010 | 12:40 pm

    Oh yeah, packaging. Not just the physical packaging, but the other stuff like marketing as well. They do a good job with that. Good luck on winning one!

  15. February 21st, 2011 | 9:22 am

    Ah, this is excellent! Too funny. I wanted to do videos with puppets too but have no idea where to start. Hope to see a lot more of these! Keep up the great work!

    Tim E.’s last blog post..Legends are forever…

  16. February 28th, 2011 | 4:45 pm

    Get a puppet. Get a camera. That’s how you start! 😀
    I am sure as someone that works with 3D stuff, you can figure a lot of this out pretty fast.

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