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Viagra Discussions

Viagra discussions Ah, viagra discussions that was fun.

Viagra discussions

Viagra discussions The KTLA Morning News has this feature segment where they regularly send a reporter out to local events and establishments and broadcast from there. Viagra discussions Two Fridays ago, viagra discussions they visited Puppet School! As Puppet School alumni, viagra discussions we got to be in the background with puppets as reporter Allie Mac Kay interviewed our teacher / master puppeteer Michael Earl. Viagra discussions Though I had to wake up at 4am to be there for the news that’s live from 5 to 8am, viagra discussions it was a totally fun experience. Viagra discussions And yes, viagra discussions Allie is like that on and off camera. Viagra discussions One of the student in the background is a huge fan of KTLA Morning News and Allie, viagra discussions so she was so excited to be doing this.

Viagra discussions

Viagra discussions We got a puppet version of the meteorologist Henry DiCarlo, viagra discussions and a puppet version of Allie. Viagra discussions And many more puppets in the background. Viagra discussions After several years of classes and three different stage productions, viagra discussions we’ve certainly accumulated quite a few puppets. Viagra discussions I ended up grabbing a different one for each segment. Viagra discussions (And they all happened to be green. Viagra discussions I realized that just now.) You can see me as the camera panned across. Viagra discussions You should be able to pick me out. Viagra discussions I am the Asian one. Viagra discussions Haha. Viagra discussions

Viagra discussions Click here to watch the videos on the KTLA Morning News site:
5am Segment
6am Segment
7am Segment

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