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Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 Been pretty swamped with work the entire February. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 That should get better in March. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 If it isn’t so, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 I shall make it so. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 Now, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 onto the puppet stuff…

Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 In week 3, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 we went over some theater basics. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 The upstage, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 downstage, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 stage left, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 stage right, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 opening stance, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 cheating out, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 entering, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 exiting stuff is nothing new to me, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 since I’ve done my share of theater. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 This is with a twist, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 though. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 Since it’s with puppets, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 you want to take both the puppet and the puppeteer into consideration. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 Of course, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 the puppet is the main star. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 It should enter first and exit last. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 The puppeteers should do their best to get out of the way. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 We also went over some exercises with eye focus and breath, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 two very important things to bring puppets to life no matter which kind of puppets you are working with.

Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 In week 4, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 we did more exercises combining walking (one of the most difficult thing to get right with marionettes, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 apparently) and looking at each other (eye focus). Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 It’s one thing when we are looking at the puppet; it’s another when two puppets are actually looking at (and interacting with) each other. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 That’s when I felt like the puppets have come to life!

Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 Each week, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 we also have homework, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 which is a short choreography. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 This time, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 in addition to taking turns doing it in front of the class, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 we were also divided into two groups of three to perform the choreography in sync. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 Our group went first. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 It was fun to figure out how to do things in sync with others. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 It was actually even more fun to watch the other group. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 At first, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 they were rehearsing it facing the mirror and away from the audience. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 When they turned around to give the “performance”, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 I actually felt quite giddy. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 For some reason, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 though our group had just done the same choreography and I have just watched the other group rehearse in the mirror, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 I was so excited when they turned around to present the choreography. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 I was thinking “Yay! We are going to watch a puppet show!” And somehow seeing three puppets do the same choreography made me feel like they are so alive. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 I think it’s because one, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 it’s as if the puppets decided to join one another and do this dance together, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 and two, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 they were doing the same dance, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 but each with their own quirk, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 unlike robots. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 The performance, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 though far from perfect, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 reminded me of how magical puppetry can be.

Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 In week 5, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 we did the good old puppet walks across the stage, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 puppet takes a look at the bench, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 and puppet sits down exercise. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 I’ve taken a one-day workshop before, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 where we pretty much took turns doing exactly that. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 It’s tricky. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 Walking is always tricky, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 more so if you want to make turns and hit exact marks. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 Turning to look at something and sitting can be tricky too, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 if you are trying to do the motions in precise manners. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 Nevertheless, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 it was a lot of do-overs but also a lot of fun.

Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 Got to find more time to practice. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 And, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 yes, augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 I will definitely show you guys some videos when I find time to shoot them. Augmentin 1000mg pills (brand) $266.00 :-)

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  1. March 5th, 2013 | 6:35 am

    I’m always amazed at how much work is to learn to give life to a puppet! Then again, when on stage, it is amazing how puppets are so alive and I have to remind myself that they are artificial creations and are not real, living creatures.

    Yes, I’ll be waiting for some videos! :)

    Alien Ghost recently posted..Aspie World 3 – CommunicationMy Profile

  2. March 5th, 2013 | 2:17 pm

    Don’t remind yourself of that. Just believe! :-)
    Kelvin Kao recently posted..Marionette Workshop (Beginning): Weeks 3, 4, 5My Profile

  3. March 6th, 2013 | 11:03 am

    Marionettes seem like they’d so difficult with all those strings to deal with. It must be fun for you to work with these types of puppets.

    I loved how you shared your excitement with the other group did their choreography, even though you’d watched the practice and done the same thing. It goes to show how magical you still find the puppets. It helps to really enjoy what you’re learning.

    I will look forward to the videos, but understand the “time” issue. I’m just glad you give us updates when you can. I really enjoy reading about these workshops — it’s something I know so little about, but admire the gift of making puppets come alive.
    Sara recently posted..Funny FridayMy Profile

  4. March 7th, 2013 | 1:20 am

    Yep, it’s a lot of different things to pay attention to. Fortunately, there’s method in all the madness. Though there can be quite a few strings, they are all tied to control bars, so you can essentially pull a bunch of different strings at the same time as long as you learned how.

    Sometimes, I simply find it to be a lot of pleasure to watch someone really good at it demonstrate things, even if I don’t end up learning the tricks.
    Kelvin Kao recently posted..Marionette Workshop (Beginning): Weeks 3, 4, 5My Profile

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