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Marionette Workshop (Intermediate): Weeks 5, 6

Hello there! I’m back! There are actually many things to post about with various events going on, but first, the regular workshop series.

In Week 5, I skipped class to go to a Taiwanese puppet show. I’ve already uploaded the pictures and some videos. Will share them once I’m done writing the captions.

In Week 6, I arrived a little earlier than everyone else, so the teacher and I could go over what I missed in the previous week. However, we ended up chatting about the show I went to and also doing repairs on my puppet because a string came loose when I was doing a walkthrough of the dialogue piece. And there were some other strings hanging not quite right, so we ended up mostly fixing strings. But that meant I got some puppet repair tips.

For example, the teacher tied the string to the puppet first, and then to the controller. This way, she could get a feel of what length the string should be and how much tension was proper. That was the opposite of what I did when I attempted the repair once. Maybe that was why I couldn’t get it quite right. Also, she was able to hold the puppet with one hand and tie the string using another hand. That was certainly a good skill to acquire. Also she knotted the string several times and looped the string in opposite directions each time. Whether that actually helped? Not sure.

Once the other classmates came, we started doing the dialogue piece again. Each run was filmed, so we watched it, critiqued ourselves, and did it again several times. (Isn’t technology awesome?) The same stuff again: be more specific and intentional with each movement. At the end, we also ran through the song and dance piece again, but since we have been working on the dialogue piece the past two weeks, there was definitely some rust.

That concluded the intermediate marionette class. There might be videos online in the future (… eventually) but I will leave you with a sneak peek from the song and dance piece (from Pinocchio):


And the dialogue piece (from Batman):