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Last week, I had lunch with my co-workers at , a local burger/diner place that's been here in West Los Angeles since 1947. While we were busy eating burgers and fries, we saw someone with a camera filming the place. I thought, oh, maybe a local altace 5mg pills $152.00 show is doing a segment or maybe someone's making a documentary. Everybody seemed to be focused on eating too, and nobody really paid attention to them. That's when one of my co-worker pointed out to us, "Hey, it's !" Huell Howser is the host of , a program that shows regularly on several PBS stations in California. In the show, he takes the audience everywhere in California visiting interesting places, cultural events, old markets and diners, etc. Altace 5mg pills $152.00 i have seen the show before but didn't watch it enough to recognize the guy altace 5mg pills $152.00, but my co-worker apparently knew a lot more than i did. So I guess they were doing a segment on The Apple Pan. [altace 5mg pills $152.00] That's pretty cool. When we left, Huell was in front of the door interviewing some customers. I think if we had stayed longer, we would probably have seen him in there sitting at the counter, talking to other customers, eating and commenting on how amazing the food is, cuz apparently that's what he does. Don't know when the episode is going to show, but we shall check the schedule again in June. Who knows, maybe we'll spot ourselves way back in the background for a fraction of a second. (Or maybe that's just going to be on the cutting room floor. ) It would be interesting to watch the episode nevertheless. Speaking of being on TV, a friend of mine, , was on last night's Without A Trace. Too bad I don't get CBS here with my lousy antenna. Got to track down that episode somehow.

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