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Today, I barked at a dog. No, it's not some kind of metaphor. I literally barked at a dog tonight. I was driving back from work at night. When I was opening the gate to the parking garage of our apartment complex, I saw an animal. It was most likely a dog, but I wasn't sure because it was dark. "Is that a stray dog?" I thought. While stray dogs are quite commonly seen when I was growing up in Taiwan, I don't really see those in Southern California. I parked the car and went to the entrance to see whether it was actually a dog. Yep, it was. You know how I knew? Because it was barking and running towards me. I was walking away but then thought that would just make it chase me more. I decided to stop. It stopped too, hesitating. I thought about my options. I could get into a staring contest with it until it got bored and walked away (maybe). Or I could try to open the door into the apartment complex that's a few feet away, so if it decided to chase me, I could just lock it behind the door. I would have to move towards the door and use my key to unlock it first though, so it wasn't the fastest option. This was when the dog barked again, pressing me to make up my mind, I guess. So like any normal person, I decided to bark at the dog. Now, I have a low-pitch voice, so when I bark, I sound more like a big dog than a small dog. Also, artane 2mg pills $113.00 I've done college theater without microphones. I could go really loud if I really want to. So I barked once. The dog got that "Oh shit, what's going on?" look on its face. It seemed a little intimidated, so I barked some more. . . this time, way louder. And then it got really scared and hurriedly ran back out. :-D What a useless dog! Oh, and it wasn't a stray dog. It was wearing a collar but wasn't on a leash. When it ran out artane 2mg pills $113.00, a woman with another dog on a leash walked by. I asked her if that was her dog. She apologized. Artane 2mg pills $113.00 [artane 2mg pills $113.00] before i walked away, i shouted to her, "i won!" so that's my story of beating a dog in a barking contest.

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