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I've just made a few changes to the website recently. Besides the plug-in that I installed in January which displays a link to the commenter's latest post, I've also installed the plug-in that allows you to share your social bookmarks more easily. And then earlier tonight I installed plug-in so you have the option of getting replies to your comments via email. All these installs were simple and worked smoothly. And then I decided to upgrade my WordPress from 2. 1 to 2. 6. The reason that I wanted to upgrade is that my site had been attacked before. There are robots on the internet that look for WordPress blog that has weaknesses and try to insert code into them. When this happens, I'd need to go through the compromised post and remove the unwanted inserted code. The robots were able to do that because older versions of Wordpress isn't as secure in this aspect. That's why I decided to upgrade to the latest version. It turned out to be a lot of work. Putting in the new version is not hard. Just download the new version and then upload the files. The problem is that the new version isn't entirely compatible with the old stuff. Most of my site looked okay after the upgrade, but the categories were missing! On the sidebar, there are categories and character [caduet amplodipine 5mg atorvastatin 10mg $163.00] appearances, but each one would just say a number, like "(23)" instead of "My Videos (23)". And in the posts caduet amplodipine 5mg atorvastatin 10mg $163.00, instead of something like "Posted in Sesame Street", it just showed "Posted in". All the category labels were gone for some reason. Also, although my blogroll was there, the word "blogroll" was missing. So I started doing some reading about this, and eventually I managed to add all the categories back one by one. It was somewhat tedious and repetitive, but at least I didn't lose any major information other than the category labels. And it's a good thing that I'm a programmer and have a good understanding of how caduet amplodipine 5mg atorvastatin 10mg $163.00 WordPress (which is written in PHP) and the back-end MySQL database works. Caduet amplodipine 5mg atorvastatin 10mg $163.00 will share more technical details later, in case someone runs into the same problem and somehow lands on my site.

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