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It was my birthday four weeks ago. And I am writing about it just now because I am a procrastinator. But that is actually quite fitting because I was also quite a procrastinator regarding my birthday. When I was a kid loxitane 25mg pills $182.00, my dad would get go get a cake for my birthday and my family would eat it together. My birthday was during loxitane 25mg pills $182.00 summer vacation so I've always associated celebrating it with family, rather than friends. As an adult, I never really felt like celebrating it all that much. After all, what's there to celebrate? I didn't actually do much to make it happen. It was all my parents efforts, aside from that I was born one day after my dad's birthday and my parents' theory was that I smelled my dad's birthday cake and decided to come out. So, I don't really have the habit of celebrating it. Sure, sometimes I would take the day off but usually that was about it. It was just another day. However, every few years, I would decide to celebrate it on a whim. In 2006, I sent out an invitation asking people to "come by and have cake" just 22 hours beforehand. This year, I upgraded the event to "Play with puppets! Eat cake!" Look, a doubling of the planned activities! Wow! And I sent out the invitation three days in [loxitane 25mg pills $182.00] advance. That was triple the notice! Wow! It was really more as an excuse to have a gathering because I wanted to see some friends, which I stated in the invitation and was true. I also said that I didn't want presents but just friends' presence, which was also true. Since my birthday was on a Tuesday this year, I also said I wouldn't be drinking. I was never into drinking anyway. (But the side effect of that was that since I said no presents and not drinking, several of them decided to bring me non-alcoholic drinks so my fridge had a ridiculous amount of drinks afterwards. ) So in the beginning, we were just sitting there chatting. After a while, I decided that it was time to break out the puppets. So I brought them out and had a little bit of a show-and-tell. People asked questions about puppeteering and puppet-making and I showed them some of the fun stuff I learned. And then I said I wanted to see everyone to put on a puppet and start talking to one another, which everyone did and goofy conversations ensued. That kind of silliness was what I liked. I would rather have that than drunken debauchery any day. Then everybody decided to sing happy birthday to me with the puppets, which was pretty awesome. Then we had (coffee ice cream) cake. It was a great night for me. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. (Actually I probably could have asked for a better one, and not actually get it. ) I would like to thank everyone (Rex, Rick, Crisman, Anisha, Beckie, Tru, Jarrett, Jerry, Raymond) for coming, and many others for wishing me a happy birthday on Facebook and on the phone. In retrospect, everything actually turned out just right, number-wise. I had twelve puppets, twelve slices of cake and a not-so-big apartment. If there were too many people, the place would probably be too packed and I probably wouldn't have the chance to really talk to everyone. If there were very few people, it would probably be a little sad. And the people that showed up were not casual acquaintances (not that I invited any) but some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. So yeah, it turned out pretty good. I am glad I did this. Who knows, maybe we'll do it again in a few years. :-D PS. No, don't go wishing me happy birthday now cuz it was over long ago. Loxitane 25mg pills $182.00 i just wanted to write it down. That's all.

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