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Happy Thanksgiving! (Even if you are Canadian and already celebrated it, or are somewhere else in the world where you might or might not celebrate it but I just don't know about it. ) I am writing this on Saturday. My excuse is that many of you are observing Thanksgiving and possibly Black Friday (which unfortunately have caused some accidents). Many bloggers took the time to family and friends, etc. For me, I feel like some of that belong offline anyway, so I am just going to say thank you to some people that I've never physically met but had the pleasure of [mobic 15mg pills $89.00] interacting with online: , though our interactions doesn't really make any business sense, you are simply a cool person that I enjoy talking to and I hope to keep doing so. Oh, and if I ever get filthy rich, I shall ask you to re-do my website, provided that you didn't already get filthy rich and quit your job to live happily ever after on your private tropical island. , your website is a wealth of information on puppet building and different types of puppetry. Mobic 15mg pills $89.00 thank you for introducing showing us how all these different kind of puppetry work and it's always been fun to talk to you about puppets and stuff (lousy pun intended). , it's good to know another person who's also interested in working on learning the art of puppeteering and making short videos, and also don't believe in puppet cursing = funny by default. Thanks for sharing your technical knowledges and feedbacks, and it's simply encouraging to talk to someone that does similar things! , you are one fascinating person. I am a fan and I enjoy watching you create your world, whether through puppetry, fiction, voice work, or living life. , thanks for the chance for the guest post. I enjoy reading your blog and it's been fun to talk baseball with you as well! , thanks for sharing your stories and also your thoughts on what I write here on this blog. I wish you good luck on your (perhaps colorful) ventures. , thanks for writing the PuppetVision blog. You introduced me to many opportunities of learning about puppetry, because I seriously used to click on those links on the sidebar of your site one by one to check them out. It's always fun to read your updates on what's out there. , though you sort of disappeared from your blog, the videos and exercises you put online certainly helped me when I started. Also, thank you for being such a warm person. mobic 15mg pills $89.00, thank you for your generosity in sharing your wisdom about blogging and liking the picture of Bottle Monster holding your book. Rita, although you don't blog or comment here anymore (and seem to have just dropped out of the blogging world altogether), thank you for all the encouragements in all those things I do. I wish you luck in your offline life. , mobic 15mg pills $89.00 though what you write have little to do with what I write about, I enjoy reading your introspections and thoughts on the world. It does make me think. , you write stories in amusing ways and I enjoy reading them. Many of those were written when you were bored so I guess the lack of updates isn't a bad thing? Good luck on your new job. , who knew your little blog would one day become a blog network with so many authors, eh? Thanks for sharing your inspiring stories. And finally, thank you for dropping by. I really do appreciate your visit and feedbacks, provided that you are not a (but elves, dwarves, monsters, knomes, fairies, Martians, Cylons, Leprecons, and Time Lords are welcome).

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