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Ah, the fourth (and final) week of the intermediate class. . . and the tenth week overall if you count the beginning class too. It was also the most tiring class of all these weeks. Let me explain. This week we were not only going to film our performances on camera, we would also be given the DVDs of the recordings at the end of the class. We've been taping our practices and playing them back for commenting, but those were not kept after we watched them. This time the video footages would be saved and given to us, either to study, to use for our reels, to satisfy future nostalgia, or to watch for the heck of it. This was the time that we were trying our best not to screw up. I never knew that trying not to screw up would be so tiring. Normally we would try to get our heads out of the shot as much as possible, but it was only practice so we didn't care as much if we see a head or two every now and then. However, this time we were all consciously trying to have no heads at all. Also, in the past three weeks we were still tweaking the choreography, but this week, we wanted everything to be perfect since it would be filmed (and there's no next week!). Watching out for everything all the time was very tiring. I certainly sweat a lot more than the previous weeks and I was sure that was the case for my classmates too cuz we asked for more breaks to get water than usual. Also, normally we would get more breaks while the teacher demonstrated things, or pause to discuss choreography. This week we basically already had all the choreography down omnicef 300mg pills $425.00, so omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 we just kept doing it, doing it, and doing it, over and over, for all the songs. We only had three students in this class so we were always on camera with nobody sitting out. It was quite a workout. We ended up having several takes of each song. [omnicef 300mg pills $425.00] Omnicef 300mg pills $425.00 the instructor said usually the first take had something magical, the second-to-last take would be the best one and the last take would not be as good cuz you would be getting tired. You know what? I agree. So, at the end we all got our DVDs. I think I'll share some of the videos once I got my video editing stuff set up. I am having a bit of a sound issue at the moment. Ah, the class was over. It was lots of fun and we all learned a lot. What's next? Well, I got my Saturday mornings back (for sleeping). That's a good thing too! I'll definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in TV puppetry. :-)

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