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Prandin 2mg pills $158.00 1) brainstorm if you have done anything creative, like writing a story, making a video, putting on a play, etc. , you know that everything starts with an idea. Where did I get my ideas? It depends. I might be watching TV or just looking at something in the room and an idea just pops into my head. Sometimes I am having a conversation with someone, and I just randomly have an idea. A good way to come up with an idea is to ask "what if. . . ?" A lot of times in a conversation someone would say "Haha, what if so and so happens, that would be fun. " Sometimes that just can be a good idea for a story! Don't just let those slip by. Remember them and think of ways to develop them, if you think the idea is interesting enough and worth your time. Also, it helps a lot to brainstorm with a friend and bounce off ideas of each other. (Thanks, Rick!) Save them up because you might have tons of ideas one week but no ideas at all the next. 2) Writing the script I like to just write on pieces of blank paper, instead of typing it up on my computer. One reason is that I don't have a printer, but the primary reason is that ideas seem to flow better when I am using pen and paper. I'm guessing that it's because I type faster than I write using a pen. So when I'm using a pen, I have more time to develop lines in my mind, rather than finishing a sentence fast and then stare at a (relatively) blank screen thinking, "alright, what next?" After I write the script, I would read it over again a few times and make changes to it. I will also time myself to get an idea of how long this is going to be and to find if there are parts that drag on too much. 3) Filming It's a good idea to storyboard first, that is, you design what each shot would look like and draw them out on paper. However, I usually don't have that many different camera angles so I just put numbers or symbols next to the beginning of the lines to tell myself what kind of shot that is. This system works well, because so far it's sort of an one-man-show and I don't have that much to communicate with myself. And then with filming, it's usually done with a tripod with the LCD panel of the camera turned my way so I can watch what I'm performing. I should probably get some kind of TV screen later because it's not always easy to see the screen, especially if I'm performing behind a piece of prop or say, under a table. (That was a real problem when I filmed Episode 8 - Nobody's Watching. ) I usually do three takes of every line and pick the best take but that's just a habit. It really wasn't that necessary because the shots tend to come out pretty similar prandin 2mg pills $158.00 anyway. 4) Editing After I film the footages prandin 2mg pills $158.00, I captured them onto my computer from the camcorder. I use for editing. I first put all the videos in order because I tend to film out of sequence to minimize set-up time for camera and props. I would also do compositions as necessary (such as green screen shots and split screen effects). Finally I look for music and graphics that I might want to use. I often use stuff because they are free, and you don't need to ask for permissions to use them (the idea is that the license was already there along with the music or graphics). However, you do have to follow the rules indicated in the license, normally non-commercial, attribution and share-alike. So far I've been using mostly and pictures on Flickr albums that's under Creative Commons licenses. After all the editing is done, I render the video out. This would be a huge DV file (. avi) and I will then use Quicktime Pro to compress the video down to a smaller size. 5) Posting I usually post to first because I am having problems converting to . mov files and need to use their service instead. After [prandin 2mg pills $158.00] that, I upload to and then write a post here about it, including who's involved in the production and a few random thoughts I have making the video. So, that's how I do it. If you have any thoughts, do leave me a comment. If you are making a podcast too, I'd love to see it and possibly learn how you do it! :-)

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