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Once upon a time, there was no Facebook. Yep, you heard me right. I was there. Back then, the only way to connect to each other (as in, having a public page listing all your friends) is to create a Xanga or LiveJournal. Yep, that's right. People had to create blogs for that. If you wanted to know what the others are doing, you subscribe to their blogs, and you read them. Everything changed when Friendster came around. Friendster was amazing. prozac 20mg pills $118.00 All you had to do was create a profile. Prozac 20mg pills $118.00 you would fill out all these information about yourself. You could add your friends and stay connected wherever you were. And you could post pictures too! Amazing! I signed up for one too. I no longer use it though, not since Facebook. . . but today, I got an email saying there was a message for me. I logged in, and holy cow, there were so many messages for me! Man, think about it. . . all these strangers wanted to be friends with me! I found something bizarre when I looked at the first page though: they all looked the same! Yep, I got messages from Cecilia, Grace, Shelia, Pansy prozac 20mg pills $118.00, and Ofelia. They all looked the same! They had the same face, and they all had the same facial expression and pose when they had their profile pictures taken from the same angle. I did not know quintuplets could be so similar! I read their profiles some more, and apparently they all had the same qualities. All five of them were kind, warm, nonjudgmental, fun, attractive, free spirited woman lol. They all loved to be outdoors, enjoying the sun, listening to the birds and smelling the fresh air. And apparently, all five of them were always open to new experiences and adventure, whether it's as quiet as a sunset or as wild as I please. Can you believe it? Oh, and they all wanted me to visit this website. I loved it when people shared interesting links with me. And then I looked at their pictures. They were all beautiful (but not in their own ways) and they all had huge boobs (so that's ten boobs, for you mathematically challenged). I thought about it. Yeah, I guess I could handle twins, or triplets, but quintuplets? That's simply too many! I am going to get so confused [prozac 20mg pills $118.00] and I don't like confusion! I hit delete.

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