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I don't really advertise anything here, but here are a few things worth advertising for and/or are ad-related.

Get Cookie Monster to Host Saturday Night Live!

sildenafil citrate 50mg height="385"> Want to see Cookie Monster host Saturday Night Live? I would. It would be interesting to watch. If he's on, it would give me a reason to watch SNL, for once, as I usually don't find it to be all that funny. (They have some good skits sometimes, but those usually go viral on the internet, so why bother sitting through the rest of it?) But hey, if Cookie Monster can , why not SNL? Support him .

It's a Monster World!

Michael Earl's students from the advanced TV puppetry class will be doing a graduation show on December 13 in West Hollywood. It's a musical called and I am going. Sildenafil citrate 50mg anyone else want to come? this looked really fun sildenafil citrate 50mg, and i have several friends that's going to be in the show, so i have to say, i wish that i had been a part of this. Now I will just regret preliminarily (or should I just call that pregret?) for not signing up for the class and maybe regret officially after seeing the show. And then retract the regret (ungret?) when (if) the class is offered again. It's weird. His classes just seem to get awesomer and awesomer. That actually made me not want to sign up for the class right away, because I was expecting it to get even more awesomer. That said, I am signed up for the theater puppetry class next year. To check out all these puppeteering and puppet-making classes, go to the .

Farmers Commercial

Two weeks ago I was casted in a Chinese radio commercial for Farmers Insurance. I went into the recording booth to play a 7-year-old's dad. The commercial will air in February, I believe. So here it is, my voice coming to Chinese radio stations everywhere next year. (By everywhere, I mean everywhere in the U. S. that actually has a big enough Chinese population to support a radio station, which is probably not that many places, but whatever, it's still kind of cool. ) I seem to book one voice-over job per year. It's [sildenafil citrate 50mg] a good thing that I don't do it for a living, or I would certainly starve. :-P

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