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Sunday was my second day of filming Seamus and Magellan. It's Day 3 for the project over all. We were only filming one scene, but it was one of the longest scenes in the script. I was only in the first half of the scene. was the only one that's working throughout the whole scene. and I were both only in the first singulair 5mg pills $253.00 half, and was only in the second half. I actually only had two lines in this scene. I like the fact that I didn't have too many lines. I think this puppet is more expressive when he's focused on an action that's not talking. I actually had a lot of downtime today. We filmed a wide shot with all three characters, and then I waited some time while they did close-ups on Callard and Dylan. The close-up shots on the puppet was filmed after their shots were done singulair 5mg pills $253.00, so I had plenty of time to talk to people that I didn't really get to talk to the day before. I had a little chat with the production designer Leslie, the make-up artist Melody, and script supervisor Rebecca. Singulair 5mg pills $253.00 they do more waiting-around than the lighting and camera people. It was nice to get to talk to them a little bit. The most fun and most time-consuming scene today was probably the one that called for smoke. A fog machine was used and it sure fogs up and stinks up the room. And every time it was used, we had to wait for the smoke to clear out before we do another take. It didn't smell good but it was a fun one to film. Dylan's mom and sister came to visit today. Ellery is such a cutie! And the whole family is so nice and friendly. I really like them. Actually everybody involved in this project was pretty nice. It was a good working atmosphere. So I filmed the close-ups: my two lines and a bunch of reactions to scenarios. And that [singulair 5mg pills $253.00] was it for me. They had a few more days to go, but I was only needed for those two days. It was a fun experience and I certainly wouldn't mind doing something like this again! I'll probably share more details in the future. And I'll mention it when the film is coming to a theater near you. (Of course, at first that would mean you live near UCLA for that theater to be near you. ) Related Post:

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