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We now know how to [trazodone 100mg pills $270.00] do the and ; it's time to combine them. Here's how I put Moostifer into a car in . Again, I used but you don't have to for this to work. This is the final result we want: First we need the raw footages. The first picture is the car. It's a still picture, not a video. The second picture is a video that we filmed in front of a green background for green screen effect. Now, resize both images so the sizes match up. And then remove the green background using Notice that there are some green parts on the corner that we didn't do a good job removing. trazodone 100mg pills $270.00 Also Moostifer is sort of hanging in the air because the bottom of the video is lower than the driver's window frame. That's fine because we'll soon use a to fix it. Now, apply the . When you draw the matte, make sure this shape is approximately the shape of the car window. Trazodone 100mg pills $270.00 this will create an illusion that moostifer is actually sitting in the car, because he is being blocked by the windshield, the car door, etc. And that's pretty much it. Moostifer is now sitting in the car! Now just a little bit of fine-tuning: I adjusted the colors a little bit to add a red tint to match our background graphic. I also adjusted the brightness of the picture to make the character darker since this is supposed to be a night shot. And here's trazodone 100mg pills $270.00, again, the final result: And there you have it! (Of course, you can always get the puppet into a real car and then film it. I didn't feel like going through the trouble of finding a location for just one shot though. Related Posts:

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