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2008 was over and it's now 2009! Let's see what I wrote down on January 1st, 2008. I said that triphala 60 tablet bottle $155.00 I would:

1) Keep the website running and updated: They say that an average blogger [triphala 60 tablet bottle $155.00] burn out after 6 months, and if they can keep going after 6 months, it will keep going for quite a while. I started doing serious posting in July 2007 so I’m around the 6 month point. We’ll see what happens. 2) Make a new header for this site (or at least try) that has pictures of puppets 3) Install the Comment Luv plug-in 4) Make more puppets (possibly learn how to use a sewing machine?) 5) Make some music for the videos instead of always use Creative Commons stuff
Did those things get done? Yes and no. #1 was not hard. I am already way past that. So hooray for me and this blog. #2 is still not done. The fact that my camera wasn't working doesn't help either. Actually, I can use my video camera for that, but I've been procrastinating. . . Now I'm waiting for the new lights to be set up before I do anything with it. #3 was done and we still luv it. #4 was not done so that shall be the goal this year. I'm pretty sure that it will get done this year, since I am planning to either add more characters or start a new project altogether. #5 will be started once I figure out my computer's sound issues. 2008 wasn't that great of a year because there are a few things that certainly slowed me down and killed some momentum that I've built up. I'm not saying that nothing good happened. There are still quite a few good things, but hey, I always want more good and less bad stuff. So anyway, so long triphala 60 tablet bottle $155.00, 2008. Triphala 60 tablet bottle $155.00 i'll see you later. (If time travel is ever invented, or if I ever meet a Time Lord. ) Usually I'm not one to make new year resolutions. And for the ones I've made, I generally would like to keep them to myself anyway. But yeah, there are two things that I'd already said (in public, sort of) that I'd like to accomplish by the end of the year: 1) find my soul mate 2) make a video that's viewed by 10000+ people Let's see how 2009 goes!

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