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Puppet Kaos - where Kelvin Kao plays with puppets and tell random stories

Think, Outside the Box

It’s a video that I’ve dreamt about for many years.
It’s a video showcasing the idea that you can turn crazy ideas into real products in LCC if you are creative enough.
It’s also a video that’s a tribute to Taiwanese puppet shows, and of course, Mister Rogers.

First half:

Second half:

It’s the most wonderful thyme of the year

The other day I had a random idea. What if there’s a farmer that grows thyme? Then he’d be saying things like “Before the harvest, I have no thyme (time) for you, but after the harvest, I got all the thyme (time) in the world for you.” or “I would like to make a deal with you right now, but I simply don’t have any thyme. In fact, I just ran out of thyme.” How did this all started? It started when I randomly started singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” (after all, it’s near Christmas), but then realized that it can also be a farmer bragging “it’s the most wonderful thyme of the year.” So yeah, I was going on and on with my sister with thyme/time jokes.

Guess what, I just saw that same joke on TV today.

So I was watching Sesame Street today. Ernie, who dressed up as a farmer, was singing a song about how some plants grows tall, and some grows low. And there were a bunch of vegetables and fruits singing with him too. At the end, the farmer started to wonder about how thymes grow, and a vegetable said “we’d tell you, but we simply don’t have thyme (time)!” And a good laugh was had by all.

Wow, I think like a Sesame Street writer. I must have watched these shows too much. What’s interesting is, this is not the first time that I came up with a joke, and later ended up seeing it on TV. The last time was about how people hate reading because “hate” and “book” sounds the same in Taiwanese.

Man, I should totally write for TV.