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Elmo’s World… Now More High-Tech!

So I was watching Sesame Street (I still love the show, m’kay?) today. I noticed that they’ve made a change, or rather, an upgrade to Elmo’s World. Now, if you’ve been watching Elmo’s World (but who has, anyway?), you know there’s a book. It’s kind of a recurring character that Elmo talks to. The book used to be a puppet (and I like the way they designed the eyes and the mouth) but now it’s 3D animation. And actually, I like the puppet version better. Elmo’s piano also has keys that’s more 3D than before.

I actually don’t like the animated book as much as the puppet. I guess I like tangible things. When I watched Power Rangers the movie, I was a little disappointed when they showed the Megazords that’s animated on a computer. I know the computer animation is much more flexible than a man in a robot suit, but there’s something about watching a man in a robot suit fighting another man in a monster suit. That’s what I want to see.

Yes, puppets are more clumsy and they are not as free to do whatever they want to do as 3D animations, but there’s just something about puppetry that’s charming. You know there’s a physical thing there instead of something that’s rendered on a computer. You know the objects are actually bumping into each other rather than some collision detection algorithm simulating physics.

But there are just my random thoughts. In Elmo’s World, he drew a lot of things with crayons and all the objects (tables, computers, drawers, walls, etc.) are made to look like they are drawn with crayons. In fact, many of those things are in fact puppets, but special puppets that map the movement and position information to the computer so it can draw 3D animations on top of it in real time. And now they are adding more 3D characters and I’m not liking it. Hm, I guess my thought is just a mess now.