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Puppet Kaos - where Kelvin Kao plays with puppets and tell random stories


So… I got a burn on my left thumb from my hot glue gun. I guess that officially initiated me into the hot glue gun users family. Actually, since I use the glue on fabrics, I use a low temperature glue gun. I’ve got glue on my fingers before but it actually wasn’t too bad. It would be hot but it doesn’t actually hurt you. It’s like accidentally spilling something on your hand while you are cooking. It’s not bad if it’s not in large ammount. This time, however, I burned my thumb cleaning the nazzle. I was about to put it away too. (It always happen when your guard is down, doesn’t it?) So yeah, that’s the story. I wonder how long it would take for my skin to recover.

Meet Sockie Monster!

Meet Sockie Monster. He’s my very first sock puppet. Yeah, I’m just practicing. I wanted to make a sock puppet after I watched this video that teaches kids how to make a sock puppy. This is the first time that I actually made a puppet with a plan in mind. Last time I made Lapu the Coyote that Cares, I just totally started cutting and sewing without really planning out a design first. I called him Sockie Monster because he’s made from a sock, and that at one point, he resembled Cookie Monster, though he doesn’t anymore after I tweaked his features and head shape. He actually looks more like Grover now. My lil sister actually recognized the sock. It was from a pair of tube socks we got from Singapore Airlines last time. She recognized the color. Good job, Mandy.

While Lapu the Coyote that Cares took 24 hours to make, Sockie Monster actually only took 2.5 hours. Reason one is that I actually had a plan this time. I tried to follow the video step-by-step, but I got lost at some point after flipping the sock inside out a few times. I started to just go with what I feel is right instead of following the steps. I think if I make the same puppet again, I can finish within an hour. Another major reason why it’s so fast is that I didn’t do anything sewing at all. All I did was use the hot glue gun that I just bought.

Actually, I’ve never used a glue gun before this, and when I tried it out, I was totally impressed. It binds fabric, plastic, paper, etc. pretty quickly. And it’s pretty strong too. The only downside is that you cannot hesitate cuz it works so fast, and that, if you are not careful, you can burn yourself. I was pretty impressed. The only place where I used regular school glue is the nose, simply because I forgot to put it on before I unplugged the glue gun. It was interesting buying the glue gun, wiggly eyes, and pom-poms though. I got those things at a local fabric shop. The store was filled with grandmothers and their grand-daughters. I was a bit out of place in there, haha.