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Puppet Kaos - where Kelvin Kao plays with puppets and tell random stories

New Business Cards

One thing that I’ve really procrastinated on was making business cards. Part of that was the fact that I usually work with a project manager, hence not meeting clients directly all that often. The other part of that was, of course, plain laziness. However, I was going to attend an iPhone developer meetup (which went well, btw), so I thought I should have at least have some kind of business card ready.

So I went to Staples to get some blank business cards and markers. (I also realized that there was a strip club right across from Staples. Interesting. This was less than a mile from where I live and I have been driving by this area every day for the past year and never noticed it, but that’s another story.) There were some that were more formal, CEO-looking, with gold frames and everything, but I felt like that was not quite me. So instead I went with this one that was sky blue with clouds on it.

And there was a sky/cloud background. So I thought, why not draw something sky-related on it? Might as well, right? So here’s the outcome. (Click on the picture to see it bigger.)

As you can see, I started out just drawing the sun. Then some birds. And then I got bored and wanted to draw something more elaborate. What else had a sky background? Super Mario Brothers, of course! (Perhaps I thought of that because I just recently watched the Video Games Live concert on TV. It was pretty awesome, btw.)

What else was in the sky? Superman, airplanes, and Space Invaders! Of course there were also balloons. I love balloons.

Of course, after several of these, I sort of ran out of stuff that made sense. So we got Pac Man trying to eat the sun, and bad puns like “pi in the sky” and “cloud computing”. And someone (very xkcd-looking) standing on a ladder (not quite a staircase to heaven). And finally, the really ambitious Duck Hunt. These ended up taking up too much space though, but I did have fun drawing them.

And there was a moment after I finished them that I just felt like I no longer wanted to part with these drawings. But hey, I was happy to share them when I was actually giving them out.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll just keep making business cards this way.

A Little of Everything

I seem to have disappeared for some time, huh? Well, here’s a post with a little of everything, basically, a collection of my miscellaneous thoughts.

I’ve been spending more time doing computer programmer stuff. There was a new project that kept me a little busy, but for the most part, what really kept me busy was this little pet project that I’ve been working on after work. It was sort of technical and most of you probably wouldn’t be interested in it. But it was something I wanted to finish and I will talk about it when it’s done. You know, sometimes I don’t really feel like talking about something until it’s done and this is one of those cases.

Also, here’s something you might not be that interested in: I just started a new blog. Feel free to click over but it would probably not be very interesting for most of you. I have been too busy to remodel it so all you see is the default Twenty Ten theme. That’s going to be my new blog where I talk about computer programming, specifically, iOS app development. Feel free to subscribe and read technical mumbo jumbo.

But here’s something you will be interested in (maybe). So I was listening to the radio and an ad for California Lottery came on. The slogan “Imagine what a buck could do” was quite familiar to me, but it still didn’t stop me from having goofy thoughts. When they told me to “imagine what a buck could do”, I imagine a buck (you know, a male deer) ramming towards a car door and rescuing the people that were trapped inside. Or maybe it was a house that was on fire with people trapped inside. Either way, I imagine a buck as a hero that rescues people with his antlers. So, what would you do for a Klondike bar? Oops, I mean, what would you imagine a buck could do?

And I think I should write a post about the evolution of smoky eye make-up because I am also a make-up artist in my spare time… Okay, more like a artist that makes up stuff. Or actually, I just make up stuff, period. I had lunch at a food court at a mall and apparently this is what the mall inspired me to do.

For some reason I really dig B.o.B.’s “Airplanes” song lately. It went “Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I can really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now”. My first thought was “That’s cheating! They are way more frequent and go much slower!” And then the second thought was, there must be someone in an airport somewhere unable to get on an oversold plane and singing “Can’t we pretend that shooting stars in the night sky are airplanes? I really need to get on a plane right now, plane right now, plane right now”. Once again, random thoughts.

So I was having lunch and realized something, because lunch was very inspiring, apparently. I was at a pizza place and James Blunt’s “You Are Beautiful” came on. During the guitar interlude, I realized the image that popped into my head was James Blunt playing the guitar and Telly Monster snapping his fingers. I realized that I am way more familiar with the Sesame Street version than the original. Still, it was always fun when singers go on Sesame Street and parody their own songs. My favorites are Feist’s Counting to Four (parodying 1,2,3,4), Norah Jones’ Don’t Know Y (parodying Don’t Know Why), and James Blunt’s My Triangle (parodying You Are Beautiful).

I actually have more random thoughts (because I have a lot of them), but this post is getting fairly long already. So that’s it for now. Until next time.