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Where I Have Disappeared To

So I realized that I haven’t posted for a month. Bleh, such neglect! Where have I been, you asked? Well, I’ve been hiding under a rock! Bet you didn’t think of that – ha!

The last few weeks have been brutally busy. I was working on an iPhone/iPad app for a client and I also worked on wrapping up my own pet project after that. And I am pleased to announce that my pet project has been approved and it’s now available in the app store!

Introducing… the Traditional Chinese Input iPad App!

I made this app because it was something that I wanted, but could not find in the app store. At the moment, the iPad only supports the Simplified Chinese keyboard but not the Traditional Chinese keyboard, so as an iOS app developer, how could I not build one? So here it is. It’s also the first app that I have released under my own name, after building apps for clients for two years.

I doubt that I will make that much money from it, since I am pretty sure Apple will eventually support a Traditional Chinese keyboard natively, essentially wiping out the whole market for me. But hey, now I can say that I have my own app out there in the app store. Nice ego boost for me.

To check it out, use the link itms:// which is supposed to open iTunes, but unfortunately the link doesn’t seem to work on every device. I would say that if you are an iPad user, just go search the app store for “Chinese Input”.

And the other app that I’ve finished was an iPhone/iPad app for an upcoming TV show premiering in early November. I’ll let you know when it hits the market. For now, let’s just say that it’s for a show about animals on a channel that focuses on the nature.