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Marionette Workshop (Advanced): Weeks 1, 2

We took a break for a few weeks between the intermediate class and the advanced class, but now we are back!

In Week 1, we reviewed what we worked on in the previous classes. We ran through both the song and dance piece (Pinocchio) and the dialog piece (Batman). And man, we were rusty! Sure, we still remembered that we needed to walk to this spot, do something, dance to another spot, etc. but the timings were sometimes off. For example, we would forget that a walk from the starting position to our first mark was 12 counts in the music, so the puppets stopped on their marks at slightly different times, so the movements didn’t look as crisp. Of course, all the memories came back after we ran it a few times. I said that it was like “presenting… the understudies!” where everything would be mostly good but could be a little off. (Of course, there had been shows where the understudies were actually better than the stars.) But anyway, good review.

In Week 2, we got to work with a puppet that had moving eyes and mouth! If you’ve seen the video we did, you would’ve noticed that those puppets had no faces. Well, one of the main focus of the advanced class was that we would be using a different head that enabled us to do lip-sync and basic facial expressions. This was very exciting to all of us.

Now there was a new string connected to the mouth. When you pulled it, the mouth would open. And there was another string attached to the eyes. When you pulled it, the eyes closed. What was tricky was, the mouth string was close to the shoulder strings, and the eye string was next to the hand strings. So if you were not careful, you could very well pull the wrong one (and we all did from time to time), and hilarity ensued. And the other thing was, they were all tied to the same control bar. So now moving the control bar would cause more strings to move at once, so there were more to be aware of.

We got to try lip-sync for the first time on a marionette. I thought we all did pretty well (for people doing it for the first time, that is). I think the fact that we’ve all been previously trained in Muppet style puppets helped a lot. The basic idea of when to open and when to close the mouth was the same. There were syllables that you should hit, and there were syllables that you could fudge a little bit, especially when the speech was fast. The ideas were the same, although the mechanics were different, since they were different kinds of puppets.

That was pretty fun. We lip-synced to the song we were all going to practice as a class. And then we discussed our individual pieces. In this class, we were all going to each pick a piece, whether a song or a monologue. We would work on it over the course of the course and have some finished piece at the end.

I am really looking forward to the rest of the course!