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Puppet Kaos - where Kelvin Kao plays with puppets and tell random stories

New Business Cards

One thing that I’ve really procrastinated on was making business cards. Part of that was the fact that I usually work with a project manager, hence not meeting clients directly all that often. The other part of that was, of course, plain laziness. However, I was going to attend an iPhone developer meetup (which went well, btw), so I thought I should have at least have some kind of business card ready.

So I went to Staples to get some blank business cards and markers. (I also realized that there was a strip club right across from Staples. Interesting. This was less than a mile from where I live and I have been driving by this area every day for the past year and never noticed it, but that’s another story.) There were some that were more formal, CEO-looking, with gold frames and everything, but I felt like that was not quite me. So instead I went with this one that was sky blue with clouds on it.

And there was a sky/cloud background. So I thought, why not draw something sky-related on it? Might as well, right? So here’s the outcome. (Click on the picture to see it bigger.)

As you can see, I started out just drawing the sun. Then some birds. And then I got bored and wanted to draw something more elaborate. What else had a sky background? Super Mario Brothers, of course! (Perhaps I thought of that because I just recently watched the Video Games Live concert on TV. It was pretty awesome, btw.)

What else was in the sky? Superman, airplanes, and Space Invaders! Of course there were also balloons. I love balloons.

Of course, after several of these, I sort of ran out of stuff that made sense. So we got Pac Man trying to eat the sun, and bad puns like “pi in the sky” and “cloud computing”. And someone (very xkcd-looking) standing on a ladder (not quite a staircase to heaven). And finally, the really ambitious Duck Hunt. These ended up taking up too much space though, but I did have fun drawing them.

And there was a moment after I finished them that I just felt like I no longer wanted to part with these drawings. But hey, I was happy to share them when I was actually giving them out.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll just keep making business cards this way.

When a Gnome Meets a Wizard

A gnome meets a wizard. The rest is history. (History repeats itself at 135 beats per minute.)

An old one from April 2006… again, drawn in Microsoft Paint. Oh, how I love Microsoft Paint. I don’t remember why I drew this one. I think I was just amused by the idea.

Why I am No Longer a Gentleman

This is a comic I drew for a zine submission four years ago. Enjoy! 😀

In case you are wondering, none of this is true. It’s done in my regular tongue-in-cheek manner and my real life isn’t all that exciting. 😛

I don’t remember any of the details, since it’s been a while. But it looked like it’s drawn in Microsoft Paint (my favorite graphics program) and colored using several shades of gray for it to be Xerox-copied. The main character looked nothing like me and as you can see, the drawing got lazier and sloppier when it got to the last few frames. And if I knew anything about myself, most likely I was thinking, “Eh, it’s due tonight so I am just going to wrap up and go to bed.”

And with that, have a nice Valentine’s Day, Single Awareness Day, and lunar calendar new year! 😀