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Puppet Kaos - where Kelvin Kao plays with puppets and tell random stories

It’s a California Christmas

I’ve made Christmas videos the past three years. Guess what? Here’s the 2015 video, making it four years in a row!

This one was… quite a lot of work. It was also the first of many things for me. It was:

1) The first of my Christmas video where, in addition to the lyrics, I also wrote the music myself!
2) The first time using a keyboard controller in Garageband to arrange and record music.
3) The first time using a sketching app on the iPad to draw all the backgrounds instead of building them out of construction paper.
4) The first time to include an animated character.
5) The first time to use swipes, and lots of them, because, you know, Star Wars is on my mind.
6) The first time to have (fake) camera panning instead of cutting back and forth.

I have a lot of fun bringing these projects from just an idea in my head to a complete video. I enjoy having a chance to delight friends with a video around Christmas. And some even told me that it’s become something that they look forward to each year. I am glad this annual project is still continuing! 😀

My Puppetry Reel!

I just cut together my puppetry reel!

A reel is what people put together to showcase their (hopefully) best work. Some people even have multiple reels for different aspects of their expertise. For example, an actor might have a dramatic reel, comedic reel, and a reel for commercials. Someone that works several behind-the-scenes jobs might have a reel for cinematography, another for color correction, and yet another for editing.

So what should I have? A puppetry reel, of course!

Please enjoy the video. Your feedback is welcome, whether you think it’s good or bad. It would either make me feel good, or help me improve! 😀

Oh, Christmas Tree! Merry Christmas!

So, here you go. This is the Christmas video for this year.

Sure, I didn’t finish it until an hour before actual Christmas (in California, anyway), but hey, it’s done. I guess having done it two years in a row encourages me to keep the tradition going.

Enjoy! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas! Deck the Halls!

Been a while since I posted anything. But hey look, a new Christmas video!

Last year’s Christmas video was pretty well received among my friends, so I’ve decided to make another one. Enjoy!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New music video: Exit

Remember that I mentioned puppeteering in a video last July? Of course you don’t. Anyway, here’s the finished product. Enjoy!

The music is by Replaced With Robots. I played the orange guy in most of the shots, with the great Heiko Obermöller performing the blue puppet. (And we were still using the lyrics as inside jokes this past weekend.) Kevin Burnstein and Diana King directed the video.

More behind the scenes stuff to come!

Harlem Shake

It seems to me, that the entire Youtube is doing the Harlem Shake.

So, I guess it’s time for us to do one:

Starring Derek Lux, Christian Anderson, Ray Busmann, Ethan Cushing, Rachel Herrick, Kelvin Kao, Todd. G. Levin, Todd McClain, Keith Reay, and Tilt Tyree. It was nice to go play with puppets with friends before heading over to work.

Oh, I am the blue one and the orange one in the middle.

Of course, there are plenty of puppets doing the Harlem Shake on the internet. Here’s one from the Bob and Angus show:

And here’s one from Puppet School:

Until the next internet fad…

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