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Puppet Kaos - where Kelvin Kao plays with puppets and tell random stories


Sites to check out:

PuppetVision Blog
This site is updated daily with lots of information about puppetry. The author Andrew posts up a lot of links that’s worth checking out, including interesting puppet videos online, puppet building tips, puppeteer interviews and more. Many sites that I regularly read and am recommending here are actually found originally via his blog.

Puppetry Lab
Puppeteer / puppeteering instructor Amy Harder posts many puppeteering tips on this site. The most useful thing on this site I found are the instructional videos. For example, there’s a video showing you how to hold the arm rods. I’ve seen a lot of introductory puppeteering articles simply say form the rods into an X but this is really vague to me, and it’s nice to actually see a video showing you the puppeteer’s hand in action. There are also other helpful tutorials on how to make your puppet swim, and how to utilize the camera, etc. It’s a site worth checking out.

The Wippets
This is a podcast by self-taught puppeteer Ron and his gang. It’s the home of Barff, Spafford, and more recently, Jimmy and Phil. I love their wacky episodes and it’s certainly an inspiration in terms of how much you can do when you are self-taught and armed with imagination to make something experimental at home. Check out their videos!

Expert Village
This is a site that has a lot of instructional videos. I learned how to build simple puppets from this video. I do it somewhat differently (for example, I do not use rubber cement and I do not use foam) but I build puppets using methods that are variations of these videos. There’s also a good summary on puppeteering basics. Both sets of videos are done by puppeteer Paul Louis.

All Kinds of Stuff
This is animator/cartoonist John Kricfalusi’s blog. It’s not directly related to puppetry but there’s many things we can learn from animation, since both forms of art are about bringing inanimate objects to life, hopefully in entertaining manners. Besides, this site simply has a bunch of interesting cartoons to look at.

Puppetbuilding Dot Com
As the name suggests, this is a site about puppet building. The show covers a lot of puppet building techniques and tutorials written by puppet builders. A lot of these refer to more professional puppet building than the stuff I do. For example, some of them use different types of foam that’s only sold in large quantities and I simply don’t have access to them and won’t bother. The concepts are still worth checking out though, even if I don’t use the same materials.

LCC Theatre Company
This is the site for the UCLA student-run theatre company that I’ve been performing in for a few years. This company and their shows provide me with a venue to experiment with a lot of things. I was able to experiment with writing, directing, acting, video making and puppeteering. It certainly allowed me to stay wacky, refine my techniques, and make a few good friends.

Write Chinese Comics
This is my friend Beckie’s site. She draws comics about Chinese characters. How is this relevent to our site? Well, it’s not that relevent, but it’s nice to see creative people create creative stuff after work when no one asked them to.


  1. September 22nd, 2012 | 9:54 pm

    is this a clean sight with out cursing and stuff so i can know if my daughter can watch it.

  2. September 23rd, 2012 | 12:40 am

    As far as I can remember, the videos have no cursing, but I make no promises about the future. The articles, however, do contain curse words at times, though rarely.
    Kelvin Kao recently posted..I’m A Broadway PuppetMy Profile

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